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Lorraine Callanan, Bairbre Geraghty, Edel Hogan, Mary Moran

These four Clare based artists, all of whom are practicing Artists/Researchers and /Teachers, deal with the dichotomies that exist within the human condition towards change. All the artists are bound by the need to examine the constancy of change that has been, is, and will continue to be, part of the human condition.


The work deals with the conceptions of change; within our identity of self, our relationships and our environment. Change disturbs our normal perceptions & cognitions, and demands that we address the temporal flux it brings, in order that we can reconcile it into our lives.  Reconciliation can only be arrived at by examining the constant transitioning & iteration of our thought processes through the quagmire of dichotomies it presents: past/present; intimate/distant; opaque/transparent; physical/psychological; presence/absence.


Having met several years ago through a Professional Development MA programme in LSAD (LIT) the quartet of artists/researchers/teachers are focused now on nurturing the Community of Practice (CoP) established within their course, beyond the educational confines and putting it at the heart of their practice.  The very nature of a CoP gives members a sense of joint initiative and identity.  It generates and appropriates a shared repertoire of ideas, commitments and memories, and its members in some way carry the accumulated knowledge of the community forward in praxis. These were the fundamental beginnings of Ce/ART


L-R: Lorraine, Mary, Bairbre, Edel

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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Pablo Picasso 
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