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Lorraine Callanan

Lorraine is exploring, through photography, the tension between reality and that place that allows us a moment; a moment of release and escape, a moment to find meaning or not, a moment to shed the superfluous. She is freeze framing that place into a temporal space of shifting narratives.

Bairbre Geraghty

Bairbre is primarily a figurative artist. She is concerned with that place beneath the surface. The possession of life within us all. In this exhibition she examines the the poise and strength of the individual. Our public presence and sometimes our internal struggle; the pain, the anxiety, the release.

Edel Hogan

Edel’s sculptures are a response to common farm and land hand tools and materials collected from the land. The material choice: porcelain, steel, horsehair, bird feathers and quills result in an interplay of delicacy and strength, femininity and masculinity evoked by her innate  understanding of place and rural life

Mary Moran

Mary’s focus has been turning more towards installation work.  In her latest installation "LAMENT" she deals with ritual. The reverberating rituals associated with higher realms of existence and spiritual suppleness. The reciting of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, rituals gathered in the cupped hands of childhood. Seeping through the salt covered images, the great mystery of the void between life and death echoes celtic beliefs in the background sound of the jackdaw

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